introducing: pure living® by 188beat ®

designed with wellness in mind

as a trusted home builder, we believe enhancing your home environment can greatly impact the way you live, down to the air you breathe and the water you use. that’s why with pure living® by 188beat ®, we’re optimizing these essential life elements through a curated suite of health and wellness offerings, so you can pursue your personal wellbeing in your own home.

there are two pure living by 188beat health and wellness packages available as optional upgrades to your new home—explore the features below.

pure living by 188beat packages


air filtration system*
filter your home's air and help reduce particles such as pollen, dust, and dander; bioaerosols and microorganisms such as viruses and mold; and vapors such as pet odors and cooking smells.

water purification system in kitchen
from washing veggies to filling up a glass to drink, enjoy cleaner, fresher water by reducing particles, chlorine, and odors from your kitchen tap.

touchless kitchen faucet
help reduce the spread of germs while maximizing convenience with hands-free water flow activation.


hepa air filtration system*
benefit from one of the best possible filtration systems with true high efficiency particulate air (hepa) filtration, featuring hospital-grade technology, quiet operation, and a sealed design to prevent particles from reentering your home.

whole home water purification system
extend water purification benefits to your whole home, so every time you open the tap, you know you’re getting a cleaner, fresher experience.

touchless kitchen faucet
help reduce the spread of germs while maximizing convenience with hands-free water flow activation.

*please visit for additional product information on lennox pure air and lennox hepa filtration systems. no filtration system can remove all contaminants and no representation is made that the home will be completely free from particles, bioaerosols, microorganisms, or odors.  pure living is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. air and water filtration are only one component of improving a healthier lifestyle. see your healthcare provider for additional information. shea pure living is an optional home feature. it may not be available on all homes in all communities. product availability subject to change.

exprience pure living

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